Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh, India

Ashtanga Intensive Short Course

Tattvaa Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Workshop is an ideal way to deepen and evolve your yoga practice. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras describe eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga that, with practice, bloom like the petals of a lotus flower. Our intensive workshop approaches yoga holistically, addressing multiple limbs of the Ashtanga yoga system in a way that will help you to blossom. Included in the course is asana practice, pranayama classes, yoga philosophy lectures, anatomy and physiology, and meditation techniques and Yoga Nidra classes.

The course includes an overview of the Primary series, the physics and energetics of each asana, the principles behind the sequence of asanas, and an in-depth study of each asana and transition. The course safely covers modifications and common alignment issues, as well as methods and tips to improve the overall practice. Important topics that will be taught during the study of Primary Series include the Vinyasa system of breath coordinated with movement, the practice of Bandhas (energy locks), and Dristhi (gazing points of concentration). Attention to detail and precision ensures that the students will progress quickly in developing their Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, bringing health and balance to the body and the mind.

Tattvaa Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Workshops are open to students of all level: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Courses are for six consecutive days (there might be 1 day off in between so please plan to stay here for at least 7 days), available to join at any day of the week, start between 4th to 21th of each month. Courses are taught by Senior Yoga Teachers Yogi Kamal Singh, Yogi Sunil Sharma, and assistant teachers.

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Course includes (4 classes a day):

  • 6:30am - 8:00am Pranayama
  • 8:30am -10:30am Asana
  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm Yoga Nidra
  • 2:00pm - 3.30pm Lecture

Course Fee: 180 EUR

Outline of material covered in Tattvaa Yoga Ashtanga Intensive:

  • Primary series asanas, including modifications, alignment, and points of injury.
  • Mechanics, physics, and energetics of each posture.
  • Bandhas (yogi internal energy locks)
  • Vinyasa (correct Ujjayi breathing paired with movement)
  • Drishti (fixed gazing point)
  • Overview and in depth practice of various Pranayama (breathing practice) techniques.
  • Yogic philosophy including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradikipa, different schools of yoga, and other yogic scriptures.
  • Anatomy and physiology of the body, including the respiratory, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems.
  • Overview and practice of Yoga Nidra.