Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh, India


Adam Binford (Rishikesh, November 2016)

"Thank you so much for an amazing course Kamal. I thoroughly believe i would not have gotten this same experience in another city or teacher. I had a physically and emotionally draining month and would not change a thing, it was exactly what I needed ( and safe to say most others). Below is a brief review you can use!

I attended the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Course at Tattvaa through the month of November in Rishikesh India. There are many countries and cities to attend a TTC, but after my experience I could not recommend Rishikesh more. There is a soul to the city that can be felt on arrival, and keeps your energy up till the end. Whether it be exploring the various markets, laying down by the Ganga River, or visiting the many ashrams, Rishikesh has a very unique spirituality that is perfect for practice.

Kamal offers a very intense course which teaches you or strengthens your previous work on the primary series. Knowledge on the adjustments are second to none. Kamal has surrounded himself and the students with amazing teachers to practice other areas of yoga outside the asana’s ie. philosophy, pranayama, yoga nidra which effected me as much as the practice on the mat. I couldn’t recommend Tattvaa and Rishikesh more, a truly transformative experience."

Noreen (Singapore)

"It was a really good experience to be able to learn from such an inspiring teacher like Yogi Kamal Singh. He had taught us amazing adjustment techniques and a better understanding on the approach to each asana. Classes led by Kamal Singh are full of energy and motivation, and can be addictive too. Thankyou very much Kamal Singh for your care and assistance during my stay in Rishikesh, I will put all you had taught into practice and will be back to get connected with you(my great teachers, Sunil & you) again." - Noreen(Singapore)

Alison Astarita (Malta)

"Thanks Yogi Kamal Singh for making this yoga experience another memorable one. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to practice under your guidance as your energy, individual attention and great adjustments have taken my practice to a new dimension. You are truly inspiring. Looking forward to return to tattvaa yogashala sometime soon." - Alison Astarita (Malta)

Steve ( USA )

"Kamal is an inspiring teacher who also lives the yogic priciples. I personally deepened my practice; improving many asanas, focusing my mind, and getting in touch with my soul. The Art of Adjustment course is a must try, if you can get in, as Kamal is the "Adjustment King of India." In the class you learn his method to support students in safely reaching the depths of yogasana. I recommend a month with Kamal for anyone looking to have an amazing yoga experience in India!" - Steve (Teacher in U.S.A., studied 2 months with Kamal)

Adriana ( Mexico )

"I stayed in India for 6 months to deepen my yoga practice. I found Kamal to be the BEST yoga teacher of all the teachers I met in India. He has an amazing skill for adjustments. Everyone enjoys his class and you can feel the advances in your practice unbelievably quickly. Kamal is not just a good teacher, he is a good friend and such a spiritually grounded person. Thanks Kamal! I hope to come back for teacher training with you". - Adriana (Mexico, studied 2 months with Kamal)

Anthony (Australia)

"Asana is covered so comprehensively in the west that I was after a teacher training program that allowed for a deeper exploration into the other seven limbs. What I loved most about Yogi Kamal Singh's program was that it delivered yoga 'as it is', in a no nonsense style and kept strictly within yoga's historical cultural context, a context that can't be grasped unless you visit India. My month of teacher training was filled with joy and wonderful humour. You won't be given a mantra here, you won't be doing yoga jam or hip hop, you won't be prematurely dipping your toe into kundalini ... but if you can see through the waking fog in your mind and hang in there at Swami Ji's early morning classes you may just blow the crown chakra off your head - in all the possible ways that could mean from personal realization to the effects of bhastrika pranayama. The variety of guest teachers was important to the success of this program. They taught enthusiastically straight from the source scriptures and the combined uniqueness of their personal interpretations allowed for some great discussions and learning opportunities. Yogi Kamal Singh's teacher training opened my mind to the full experience of yoga and will always reamin very dear to my heart". - Anthony (Australia)

Hugh and Susan ( Scotland, November 2012 )

Even though we only spent a few days in your class, in this very short time you already managed to enlighten our lives through your wonderful spirit, knowledge and skill. Only a true Yogi is capable of doing this. Thankyou." - Hugh and Susan,(Scotland 2012 nov).

Mohini ( Mauritius, November 2012 )

"I got an opportunity to learn Ashtanga Series with Yogi Kamal Singh ji but I tell you it was really an extraordinary experience I ever had before. Yogi Kamal ji you are a master in adjustments, hat's off to you, it's incredible.You tried to bring out the 100 % of unexploited capacity and talent within me. I never believed that I could do advance postures but you helped me in a very professional way, your motivation, encouragement, your enthusiastic collaboration, care, individual attention, your dedication and inspiration , the list goes on and on, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.Your class is always full of energy and very welcoming. You are a very nice person as well. Looking forward to return to Tattva Yoga Shala, next year. May the Almighty always shower His blessings upon you, my teacher Yogi kamal ji. My Best regards". - Mohini (Mauritius 2012 nov)

Poppy (London, October 2012)

"I knew I wanted to study my teacher training in Rishikesh but wasn't sure about any of the yoga schools so contacted everyone recommended and that I found online and found that Tattvaa Yoga Shala provided the most well structured and full training schedule with which I could learn everything I felt was needed. The fact that I had to send a video of my practice in order to be accepted and the correspondence with Tattvaa Yoga Shala was spot on and gave me confidence that it was the right place for me. As soon as I was accepted, I booked my flight with little idea what really to expect from this, I was unaware how amazing this course would really be. I can not thank Kamal and Sunil enough for their brilliant team work and training. Sunil was like a philosophy genius and so understanding and intelligent, an answer for every question no matter how deep we went, I always left class feeling like I learned something new. I found him extremely wise, considerate, informative and loved every philosophy, pranayama and Nidra class... Thank you Sunil Ge! Kamal is an amazing yogi, always positive, playful and a great Astanga vinyasa teacher, his adjustments are like no other, his knowledge of how people's bodies are structured and how to help them in different positions was just perfect. I would recommend this teacher training to anyone who wants a thorough, well respected training and to come out with not only a qualification but life skills, knowledge and friends and a perfect practice for yourself! They also kindly gave me the opportunity to stay and teach for 100hours to gain complete confidence in my teaching which I will be forever grateful for and has shaped my teaching for the future, a truly beneficial experience. I will be going back to practice with you Kamal Ge, as soon as I can. Thank you!" (poppy, London, 2012 Oct, 200 hr)"

Jatta Kristiina (UAE, March 2012)

"I just completed the 200hr teacher training in March 2012 at Tattvaa yogashala. I have been practising astanga for a while now and been travelling around practicing with many different astanga teachers. Yogi Kamal Singh's energy and enthusiasm blew my mind off completely as I had never encountered such level or intensity and inspiration in the shala. I would like to thank Yogi Kamal Singh for showing me a whole new level of astanga. He works deeper than just a gross level of the body and his adjustments penetrate the subtle and causal body triggering the purification process on all 3 layers of the body. His relentless energy in the shala is contagious and he makes us work hard yet fun and laughter are embedded in the seriousness of the training. He gives undivided attention to his students and his dedication is astonishing. I discovered a profound dimension of astanga yoga and I am very grateful to have encountered this level of teaching. He has a vast knowledge of adjustments which I have not yet seen in any other teacher. I also enjoyed Swami G's wonderful teachings of pranayama and meditation. He has a wonderful aura and his soft voice will stay with me for a very long time. The afternoon lessons with Sunil were very informative and his teaching of the philosophy was complementing the physical aspect of the course. I highly recommend the training for anyone who wishes to delve deeply in the world of astanga yoga but one has to be prepared to open the heart, ribs in, abdomen in, shoulders back, hissing sound in the total state of surrender". - Jatta Kristiina (United Arab Emirates)

Tomoko Kashiwagi (Japan)

"Thank you Yogi Kamal Singh ji. It was such a gift to be in your yoga class . You withdraw 100% capacity from us, and it was "Scales drop from eyes" experience for me. Your class was enjoyable and lively. How you care of each one of us was impressive. I think teacher like you is rare, and also person like you is rare!" -Tomoko Kashiwagi(Japan)

Teri ( USA )

"What a blessing to have stumbled upon your lovely yoga shala. The asana practice was completely inspiring as were your words of encouragement and humor. I am most appreciative of your compassionate and respectful nature. I will take this yoga experience back to my home in Los Angeles with treasured thoughts and gratitude". - Teri (U.S.A.)