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Dristhi, meaning gazing point, is the place where you look while in the asana. Translated from Sanskrit as “perception”, Dristi is our specific point of focus while practicing yoga, which directs our mind and energy. When we steady our physical site to a fixed point, our inner world also becomes steady, purified, focused and concentrated. Dristi brings about oneness during the practice and presence within the postures. The focus and awareness cultivated by Dristi also manifests itself in our daily lives.

There are nine dristis:

  • Urdvha dristi - up to space
  • Brumadhya dristi - third eye
  • Nasagra dristi - tip of the nose
  • Parsva dristi - right side
  • Parsva dristi - left side
  • Nabhi dristi - navel
  • Hastagra dristi - tip of the middle finger
  • Angusta dristi - tip of the thumb
  • Padagra dristi - tip of the big toe